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Atama Composer is built on technologies that developers know and love. The best part: many of the pieces are open source so you can adapt them to your needs and contribute to the ecosystem.

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Providers are lightweight wrappers that connect Composer to source systems via APIs (e.g. REST, GraphQL) to expose capabilities.

Atama Composer has an ever-growing list of integrations with other Enterprise services.

  • Commerce Providers

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)

  • Search Providers

You can also easily integrate your homegrown systems using our pre-defined patterns.


Publishers take experiences that were created with Composer Studio and generate output that works for the respective channel. For example, a headless or Jamstack website may consume JSON content whereas an email channel may expect a fully rendered HTML template.

It’s the Publisher’s job to format the data correctly and then process it accordingly. That could mean uploading it somewhere, kicking off a build via a webhook, or calling an API.


Atama Composer uses Renderers not only to render final published content but also to provide live editing and previewing within Composer Studio (“WYSIWYG”).

The actual implementation of the Renderers depends on the channel that it’s rendering. For example, rendering for a website works differently than rendering for digital signage.

Interested to become a technology partner?

We’re always looking to expand our ecosystem. Let us know about your product and we’re happy to help your team create a new integration for it.

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