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Adobe's Edge Delivery Services stands out as an exceptional solution for enterprises seeking to deliver outstanding web experiences.

Its primary strength lies in its implementation speed and adaptability, allowing businesses to swiftly launch and tailor their online presence according to their unique requirements. This flexibility is achieved through its emphasis on what Adobe calls its next-generation composability, a concept that resonates deeply with Atama.

Composability involves assembling modular components or microservices to create cohesive and scalable systems. By embracing this approach, Edge Delivery Services empowers enterprises to mix and match various components seamlessly, ensuring a customized and agile web infrastructure. This flexibility extends to integrating existing technologies, enabling seamless integration with legacy systems and third-party applications.

For businesses seeking a future-proof solution, Edge Delivery Services offers a range of benefits that align with contemporary IT trends. Its composable nature facilitates rapid innovation, as new features and functionalities can be easily incorporated without disrupting the entire system. By the same token, it also offers the patterns for gracefully replacing and retiring services This adaptability is crucial in today's fast-paced digital landscape, where businesses must respond swiftly to changing market demands and competitive pressures.

Furthermore, Edge Delivery Services’ focus on composability aligns with the growing adoption of headless CMS and API-first architectures. By decoupling the front-end presentation layer from the back-end content management system, businesses gain unparalleled flexibility in designing and delivering engaging digital experiences. This modular approach enables the creation of consistent and compelling content across multiple channels, including websites, mobile apps, and digital signage, ensuring a seamless and cohesive customer experience.

But what is Edge Delivery Services?

Adobe’s Edge Delivery Services is a fast set of services that act as an integration point for multiple content sources. It allows for publishing content from AEM Universal Editor and document-based editing systems such as Microsoft SharePoint or Google Drive. Edge Delivery Services removes layers of complexity traditionally associated with enterprise content delivery and provides a straight path from content authoring to delivery. 

Understanding document-based editing helps to illustrate the value of Edge Delivery Services concretely. With document-based editing content, authors can directly modify and publish content by editing a Word or Docs document and publishing directly from Microsoft SharePoint or Google Drive. This is intuitive and straightforward and removes additional authoring interfaces, keeping the focus on the content. When an author publishes a document the text, image, and formatting data is converted to HTML and served through Edge Delivery Services. The content lifecycle is natural and automatically handled by the Edge Delivery Services delivery pipeline. 

Edge Delivery Services initially only delivers the minimum required HTML to provide necessary data quickly to the browser. This means users have near-instant access to the content they are looking for - great for both users and search indexers. Edge Delivery Services also provides additional tools and patterns to enrich the content in the browser, e.g., image optimization tools and tools for enabling more complex marketing designs and experiences.

In addition to marketing content, Edge Delivery Services provides patterns and a base framework for integrating commerce.

The Atama team has been instrumental in helping us deploy a successful storefront on Edge Delivery Services in Adobe Commerce. Their deep understanding of the Adobe ecosystem and focus on composable systems allowed us to deliver a high-performance storefront while reusing the client's investment in their current storefront using a Luma bridge.

Martin Buergi

Principal Product Manager @ Adobe

Why Atama and Edge Delivery Services

  • We believe in composability (see Atama Composer)

  • We appreciate the simplicity and straightforwardness of the authoring system with document-based editing

  • With over ten years of Adobe implementation experience, we can handle the most complex Adobe Marketing Cloud projects

  • We align with Adobe's innovative approach in developing Edge Delivery Services for superior web experiences.

At Atama, we believe flexibility is key for any business aiming for long-term success. Systems and tools come and go. Being able to make changes without the full weight of a platform is an amazing feature to have, and this is one of the things composability through Edge Delivery Services allows for, composing data from trusted third-party systems into a fast and efficient delivery system.

Composability brings the speed, flexibility, and life-cycle critical to the enterprise. Systems and services have become so specialized, and their functionality has become so granular that re-platforming an entire system is no longer feasible. Systems are made up of so many services that change has to be incremental and without downtime. Edge Delivery services provide the backbone needed for an extensible system while remaining unopinionated about the service mix.

By utilizing Edge Delivery Services and document-based editing, your content is securely stored in a familiar and well-established system and format, such as a Word document. This eliminates the need for authors to learn new systems and interfaces, minimizing distractions and allowing them to focus on the end-user's experience. From our perspective, this approach to content management is not only practical but refreshing, as it streamlines the process and enhances overall efficiency.

A key advantage of Edge Delivery Services is that it alleviates the need for complex frameworks and toolchains. Projects using Edge Delivery Services leverage the native capabilities of the web platform and the browser, utilizing the built-in tools and patterns for development. This approach contrasts with the traditional method of relying on external tools, intricate build systems, and the fluctuating landscape of heavy-weight JavaScript frameworks that bring lock-in, complexity, and performance challenges.

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Adobe's Edge Delivery Services

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