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Create digital experiences and manage the composable technology that drives them

Atama Composer brings business and IT teams together to collaborate on great customer experiences.

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Atama has been an amazing company to work with. Their knowledge, expertise, and forward-looking vision can all be seen in their solutions. Atama is presenting a much-needed, well-executed integration solution.

Carlo Brancucci

CEO @ encoord

Come for the architecture. Stay for the agility and insights.

With Composer Core you’ll have a future-proof composable/MACH architecture within weeks, not months. As your composable business matures, you’ll benefit from the business interfaces in Composer Studio and reports in Composer Lens.


Save months of engineering work by using our open-core MACH architecture. Connect to services and applications using existing integrations or easily create your own.

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Create omni-channel experiences and business interfaces from a single user-friendly interface, without the hassle of juggling separate logins and systems.

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Validate the ROI of your SaaS and legacy ecosystem with business analytics dashboards – See the big picture of resources and utilization.

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Use Cases

Move past monolithic platforms

Atama Composer gets you productive by providing a robust framework that reduces the risk of moving to Composable.

Step 1

Define your business capabilities

Using Atama patterns, you can normalize your organization’s technology capabilities into a common schema using the language of your business – regardless of the content or action - content, commerce, and personalization. Use Atama’s existing integrations or create your own in hours – not weeks.

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Step 2

Compose user experiences across all your channels

Whatever the channel –web, mobile, email, signage, or IoT– you can compose and preview efficiently from one unified business interface. Seamlessly re-use composable blocks across touchpoints to keep your messaging consistent.

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Step 3

Gain insights into your technology investments and manage their lifecycle

Atama Composer’s business dashboards make it easy to monitor your investments and review the results. And with our UI-driven workflow you can easily add, test, and compare new providers, capabilities and processes.

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Innovate while capitalizing on your legacy investment

Don’t struggle to keep pace. Implement the latest best-of-breed technologies while leveraging your current technology investment. Remove the technical road blocks while fostering a culture of experimentation.

Re-platform illustration

You can’t re-platform every 4 years

Legacy monoliths and DXPs are slow to evolve and limit innovation. Introducing new capabilities is time-consuming and stifles creativity. It is no longer feasible to change platforms every few years to stay modern.

Waste money illustration

Don’t waste money by abandoning your prior investments

You’ve put a lot of time and money into your technology stack. It’s not practical to drop everything anytime a new Marketing request or shiny new Tech comes around.

Messy composable orchestration illustration

Orchestrating “headless” and “composable” architectures is hard

High-performing organizations integrate a matrix of best-of-breed services to achieve their goals. This requires subject matter expertise and institutional knowledge that is difficult to maintain.

See Composer Studio in action

Check out this demo of creating a cross-channel campaign without a developer.

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