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Validate the ROI of your composable ecosystem

Business analytics dashboards give you instant visibility into your technology investments.

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What you can expect

Get full visibility into your composable architecture, from source systems to business capabilities.

Understand the cost of your tech stack like never before

How does the money you spend to maintain a system compare to the value it generates or the usage it gets? Composer Lens allows you to get critical metrics about various cost dimensions of your tech stack in one centralized place across all your channels. And the best part: you get to define the metrics that matter to you (e.g. dollars, headcount…)

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Analyze re-use of capabilities across your business

See the impact of your composable stack through the dimension of re-usability. Dissect how often a capability is re-used across your business-defined elements and get a comprehensive score about how often they are used across your channels.

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Identify low-impact players in your vendor ecosystem

Identify systems that are not providing value for your digital experiences. Looking at usage within your composable stack can help you make decisions on what systems to eventually retire. This can be especially helpful when you have other services that provide the same underlying capabilities.

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