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Struggling with your app or website performance?

Atama can guide you to more performant experiences across all your channels.


Spend your budget on modern experiences that move the needle and not on fine-tuning legacy software

Customer frustration leads to lost revenue, lower satisfaction scores, and decreased loyalty. With our Composer Core architecture slow systems are taken out of the critical path so they don't hold you back.

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Build blazing fast user experiences that boost engagement and conversions

Slow website load times are proven to negatively impact drop-off and conversions. Composer Studio put's the customer experience first.

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Modernize your stack while still leveraging your existing technology and content

If your under-performing platforms are actively serving traffic, they require more IT resources to continually patch and put out fires. With Atama, you can cut the "head" off these systems and use their capabilities while taking them out of the critical path.

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