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Want to go headless or composable but don't know where to start?

Atama’s best practice composable architecture can guide you toward a best-of-breed implementation that works for you.


Gain visibility into your composable architecture

Without oversight and documentation, headless projects can create more problems down the line. Atama's business dashboards give you visibility and provide a living documentation for all your capabilities.

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Create and preview omni-channel experiences from a single user-friendly interface

Going headless is often associated with abstract authoring through forms that doesn’t have good preview capabilities. Atama’s Composer Studio pairs user-friendly live-preview (WYSIWYG) authoring with multi-channel experience creation. Finally a digital experience composition (DXC) that works for you.

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Engineering / IT

Accelerate and de-risk the move to composable

Following the composable pattern requires coming up with a new digital experience architecture. If not done right, modern frameworks can also put a bigger burden on IT to manually maintain Marketing content. With Composer Core you get a solid framework you can use today.

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