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Your one-stop business interface to compose experiences and manage business capabilities

Studio is the user-friendly face of the Atama Composer platform.

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What you can expect

As a business user, you shouldn’t have to worry about the technology that drives your customer experiences.

Seamless Digital Experience Composition

Combine content, assets, product info, and any of your defined Business Capabilities into engaging user experiences, no matter which system the underlying data comes from.

Case study

Getting Encoord ready for growth

Learn how Encoord improved their delivery process and agility by moving to Atama's composable MACH architecture.

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Omni-Channel Support

Create experiences for web, email, mobile, signage, and IoT from a single user-friendly interface, without the hassle of juggling separate logins.

Live Preview

See all your changes in action immediately. No need to open a new browser tab or wait for a developer to deploy code.

See Composer Studio in action

Check out this demo of creating a cross-channel campaign without a developer.

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