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Future-proof your Gatsby site today

With Atama Composer, you can set up a new Gatsby site in minutes. And the best part? Our composable architecture grows with you so you never need to re-platform again.

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User-friendly interfaces for you + Modern tech stack for your developers

Gatsby is a popular React-based framework for creating fast websites. With Valhalla, Gatsby recently introduced their content hub. It allows you to combine various data sources into one unified API. This can be a great starting point for composable in a developer-driven team.

But what if you want to empower business and marketing users? Using Atama with Gatsby you get a marketing-friendly authoring experience combined with the flexibility of a composable architecture.

Atama’s intuitive authoring experience allows you, as a marketer, to compose and publish campaigns independently. Meanwhile, your developers can deliver best-of-breed capabilities to keep your competitive advantage.

Why use Atama with Gatsby?

Live Preview

Edit Gatsby pages with live preview (WYSIWYG)

Visual editing

You as a business user can create new pages without developers or deployments


Move beyond hard-coded content and embrace the design systems that your creative department loves

Future-proof your stack

Be agile and platform-agnostic by decoupling content, commerce, and search providers from your front end

Future-proof your stack

In a standard Gatsby setup, you either hard-code your content or use an integration with a CMS. If you’re on a non-standard or legacy CMS, you may even have to write your own integration. The same applies when you want to leverage capabilities like commerce, search, assets, etc.

So what if you want to switch content or commerce providers? Bad news. You’ll need to write a new integration.

How about replacing Gatsby when you’ve grown out of it? Bummer. None of your custom integrations will be reusable.

Atama Composer solves this.

We add an abstraction layer between your capabilities (content, commerce, search, etc.) and your Gatsby front end. Let your business users define the capabilities they need and the 3rd party services that provide them. Your Gatsby site simply integrates with the Atama SDK.

Want to add a commerce provider or CMS? No problem. Your front end doesn’t need to change at all.

Looking to re-use content or capabilities across new channels like email, mobile, or signage? Perfect. That's what Atama is all about.


Include experiences created in Composer Studio in your Gatsby sites

Can be used for page sections or whole Gatsby pages

Can be used for individual Gatsby pages or your entire website

Easily include SEO, open graph and social meta tags

Ready to take your Gatsby project to the next level?

Start your free trial of Atama Composer today and get ready to future-proof your React implementation.

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