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Atama's Luma Bridge for Adobe Commerce on Edge Delivery Services

Adobe's Edge Delivery Services (EDS) has revolutionized web performance for AEM sites, but the integration with Adobe Commerce is still evolving. While EDS promises enhanced delivery and scalability, Adobe's focus on Edge Commerce presents new challenges and opportunities. At Atama, we've been actively involved in bridging this gap with our Luma Bridge solution, facilitating a smooth transition for Adobe Commerce customers to leverage the power of EDS.

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Understanding the Landscape

Adobe Experience Manager Edge Delivery Services simplifies content delivery and scales efficiently. However, the shift from traditional approaches like RESTful APIs and Content Repositories (JCR) to EDS introduces new paradigms. This transition is particularly significant for commerce sites, where performance and user experience are paramount.

The Role of Luma Bridge

Atama's Luma Bridge serves as a crucial link between Adobe Commerce and Edge Delivery Services. Designed to address the challenges of using Adobe Commerce with EDS, Luma Bridge enables seamless integration of headful and headless frontends. By bridging the gap between legacy PHP session management and modern GraphQL Bearer tokens, Luma Bridge ensures compatibility and functionality across both environments.

Why Luma Bridge Matters

Our motivation for developing Luma Bridge stems from the need to empower Adobe Commerce customers to embrace EDS without waiting for complete integration with Commerce Drop-ins. While Adobe continues to refine its micro-frontend approach, Luma Bridge provides immediate value by enabling key pages to leverage EDS performance benefits. Moreover, our close collaboration with Adobe ensures that Luma Bridge remains future-friendly, allowing for graceful deprecation as Commerce Dropins mature.

Key Features

Luma Bridge offers essential functionality for seamless interaction between Adobe Commerce and EDS. With components tailored to handle token management, cart IDs, and mini-cart functionality, Luma Bridge addresses critical use cases such as merging carts, session management, and concurrent tab interactions. Our commitment to providing a robust solution is reflected in our ongoing development and maintenance efforts.

Getting Started with Luma Bridge

Ready to unlock the potential of Adobe Commerce on Edge Delivery Services? Visit our GitHub repository to explore Luma Bridge and start integrating EDS into your commerce strategy today.

Link to GitHub Repository

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At Atama, we're dedicated to empowering businesses with innovative solutions for the modern digital landscape. Discover the possibilities with Luma Bridge and elevate your Adobe Commerce experience with Edge Delivery Services.


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