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encoord moves to MACH architecture to prepare for growth

Case study

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encoord is a rapidly growing software startup in the energy sector. Their first website was an MVP to get a basic presence online. It allowed the technical founders to make updates offline and upload them as needed. encoord partnered with Atama to set up a foundation for their next stage of growth.

With Atama Composer, encoord’s non-technical users are empowered. They can make website changes and modify business capabilities using a visual editor. In addition, content can be re-used across all the channels that encoord is planning to add. By embracing a MACH architecture, encoord is ready to add or replace services and capabilities as business needs change.

Atama has been an amazing company to work with. Their knowledge, expertise, and forward-looking vision can all be seen in their solutions. Atama is presenting a much-needed, well-executed integration solution that will result in them being a pioneer in connecting systems and helping companies avoid drowning in a sea of software platforms.

Carlo Brancucci

CEO @ encoord


Rapid growth and interest in encoord’s core product have accelerated the need to modernize its marketing process. encoord’s previous platform did not have the features or support the integrations they will need in the future. They needed a flexible platform to serve their needs today and an ability to add and retire capabilities as they continue to grow.

  • encoord’s website accounts for around 20% of leads but in order to scale it needs to become the primary source. That means website performance and SEO are key.

  • Marketing should not have to rely on technical users to make day-to-day updates.

  • Content should be consistent and reusable across new channels.

  • There needs to be a way to add new capabilities as encoord grows and its needs evolve.

Within the company itself, there has been a lot of glowing feedback on how much better the website looks, amazement at how quickly everything loads, and excitement for future features. We’ve also had partners and customers congratulate us and share similar sentiments.

Brandon Sisson

Marketing @ encoord


Atama Composer Core provides encoord with a composable MACH architecture allowing their digital presence to gracefully evolve to enterprise scale. With Composer Core’s composable patterns, encoord was able to pick a marketing-friendly CMS (Contentful) as well as a developer-friendly stack for the front end (Next.js, ChakraUI). Additionally, encoord now has the flexibility to add services and channels without requiring costly development. As the market and customer expectations evolve, encoord can quickly adapt.

Composer Studio serves as the user interface for Digital Experience Composition (DXC). It’s the place encoord’s marketing team uses to create experiences for their customers.

The results of re-platforming encoord to use Atama Composer speak for themselves:

  • Daily new users increased by 140%

  • Page views increased by 156%

  • Session duration increased by 182%

  • Bonus: eliminated 100% of SPAM for lead generation forms

Beyond the plain metrics, the encoord team is also enjoying Studio’s visual editor: “The process of creating/editing pages is also much simpler now compared to our previous website editor, and the ability to use the same section throughout different pages is a major plus.”

As a bonus to moving to Atama and a best-of-breed front end (Next.js), encoord improved their Lighthouse score metrics across the board:

  • ~11% performance improvement

  • ~15% accessibility improvement

  • ~33% SEO improvement

You can check out encoord’s website at

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