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Ernie Baske


Atama site live

When we started building, it felt too pompous to put up a website talking about features and solutions that didn’t exist yet. We put a single page on Google Sites with barely more than a logo. That was eventually replaced with a custom coded static React site as we had more of our product nearing alpha release.

Fast forward… as we got closer to launching an actual client work in production on the Atama platform, it felt unauthentic to have others go live on Atama before we were live on Atama ourselves. A friend had reminded me of the proverb “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” and that struck home. We have to be first.

We used our developed “Providers” (essentially API connectors) to connect to our CMS content. We used Composer Studio to author the experience and render through ChakraUI React components, deployed through Netlify. The results were blazing fast, click around and judge for yourself. The best part; the effort took less than a week to complete.

Today’s the big day. I’m proud to say that we have re-launched this site, composed using the Atama platform! I guess this makes us our own first customer. I hope we will be easy to work with. :-)


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