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Marc Infield joins Atama

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I am excited to announce that Marc Infield has joined Atama as a Strategic Advisor to the company.

Marc brings extensive entrepreneurial experience and leadership to Atama. He has decades of experience delivering digital marketing technologies and working with clients, including Adobe, Tesla, GAP, Dropbox, Dolby Labs, Twitter, Fitbit, and Kaiser Permanente.

Marc is both a visionary and a thought leader in digital marketing technologies and enjoys sharing his knowledge at major conferences and webinars. He is also a MACH fan and actively promotes composable technology and its promise to change how companies manage and deliver connected experiences at scale.

Marc is no stranger to the Atama core team. We all worked together as a tight group for over a decade in a previous life, growing that business to eventual acquisition. I feel incredibly fortunate to have Marc participate in a new journey together.

We look forward to leveraging Marc’s deep knowledge and his long history of driving companies forward in building teams and practices.

Marc says, “I see a huge potential in what Atama is building. It is the Composable solution that the industry has been lacking, it solves the challenges of many use cases and provides architecture “best practices” structure that is desperately needed.“

Marc is based in San Francisco, in addition to being an Advisor for Atama, he is EVP of Technology at Bounteous and on several advisories.


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