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In December of 2021, we got the band back together. I had worked with this group of really talented engineers for the better part of a decade implementing Adobe digital transformation solutions, and we were lucky enough to work for some great companies like Twitter, Dolby, Dropbox, Tesla and more. We all saw the need for tools that didn’t exist, tools that would bring structure and best practices to composable DXP architecture. We wanted to build those tools and put them in the hands of the business users, taking away the need for armies of consultants and programmers to manage complex tech stacks that utilize multiple best-of-breed platforms in headless environments. At the end of 2021, we decided it was time to stop talking and start building.

We are eight months in, focusing on core architecture and best practices and I’m really proud of what we have built so far. It’s absolutely amazing what can be built by a small group that has so much subject matter expertise and 100% focus. We will be releasing a demo of our platform in the not-to-distant future, please sign up on the website and we’ll notify you when it’s ready. Or if you just can’t wait, reach out and we’d be happy to share what we’ve been working on. It’s pretty cool.

Stay tuned, more exciting updates soon…


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