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encoord launches website on Atama platform

Ernie Baske



We are excited to announce the launch of website on Atama’s composable orchestration platform!

encoord is a rapidly growing young company with a global footprint that provides best-of-breed software tools, data, and advisory services to help energy producers and stakeholders model energy systems and plan for the transition to sustainable energy sources.

Rapid growth and interest in encoord’s core product have accelerated encoord’s need to digitize its process. Streamlining business processes was impossible with their previous platform, which did not have features or support the integrations of the systems they will need in the future. They needed a platform that was flexible enough to serve their needs today and to add and retire capabilities as they continued to grow. Atama Composer provided an API-driven composable solution allowing their digital presence to gracefully evolve to enterprise scale.

Among encoord’s goals:

  • Content is consistent and reusable regardless of channels.

  • Deliver connected experience across channels.

  • Headless app with fast page load speeds

  • Content can be managed and published by business users

  • No developers are needed for daily operation

  • Ability to scale over time with best-of-breed capabilities

  • Remain nimble as their needs evolve

  • Remain vendor agnostic

Using Atama to compose their new website, encoord now has omni-channel capabilities, a blazing fast site with high Lighthouse performance scores and an evergreen website that will grow with them.

We’ll be publishing a more detailed case study soon, but in the meantime, we invite you to take a look for yourself.


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