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Atama at Adobe Summit 2024

Ryan Keenan


Atama at Adobe Summit

The team at Atama has been working with Adobe’s digital solutions for over a decade and we’ve always loved going to Adobe Summit to learn what new ideas Adobe has had, watch presentations with customer success stories, and see what other Adobe partners are doing in the space.

No one was surprised when the main theme of the event this year was AI - specifically generative AI. Adobe has a lot of new - and upcoming - offerings that really seem to make marketers lives easier, help creative departments with their velocity, and make delivering personalized content much easier. The presentations and demos around Firefly, Firefly Services, and the cross-product integrations to allow companies to use Workfront alongside all the other Adobe products were really eye-opening when it comes to the overall marketing workflow. Being able to manage the projects in Workfront with easy access to integrated products (Express, AEM, Target, etc) it really seems like Adobe is trying to help the different teams that take part in creating digital experiences join together in a seamless way.

Summit + Edge Delivery Services

Alongside all the talks about GenAI speeding the creative/marketing process, there was a similar push for speeding up companies’ content velocity and page speed by using Edge Delivery Services. We attended multiple sessions with a customer success story to see what it looks like for customers in the real world to use Edge Delivery Services, even a special talk where they used it with Adobe Commerce! It was definitely interesting to see how the problems we’re working on for clients are solved for other situations.

One very interesting - and reassuring! - thing that we saw was that Adobe is actually putting their money where their mouth is by using Edge Delivery Services across the board on the Adobe web properties. They are using mostly document-based authoring and showed results for their increased content velocity - 2x or more for their teams!

Seeing the Universal Editor used for an Edge Delivery site in practice was very cool - it’s something that has been on our radar for a while as it’s gone through its early stages. It does feel like a much larger footprint than opting for document-based authoring as it still requires an AEM instance behind it, but for customers already using that tool it can be a great option to keep the WYSIWYG editor while moving towards a modern performant frontend.

If you’ve been following Atama you know that we’ve jumped into the world of Edge Delivery Services ourselves, including working with Adobe Commerce alongside it to power performant commerce experiences. As part of the VIP program for Adobe we have been working on client projects alongside Adobe Engineering and they value feedback, especially at this relatively early stage for Edge Delivery Services. Some of what we’ve said about the product actually made its way to the screen during one of the sessions!

Adobe Summit is always a good time for us, whether we’re meeting up with past and present clients and colleagues, learning about the new advances Adobe is making, or sharing ideas with the speakers after the sessions. We hope to see you all there next year!

Atama at Adobe Summit 2024

Step into the dynamic world of Adobe Summit with us! We're excited to bring you an exclusive recap of this year's event, featuring insightful speakers, cutting-edge partner solutions, and all the excitement you'd expect from a premier digital conference.


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